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Dr. Christian Klepp
Beigetreten 2009-12-10

Raised in Hamburg, Germany, I very early discovered my love for pristine nature. One day my dream may come true to entirely link my photographic passion with my profession. Climate research and landscape photography is much closer linked than one might think of. Passionate photography of nature’s beauty opens up the heart and demands for the need to protect it. A deeper understanding for natures cause and effect and the ability of admiration leads to the urgent will to preserve the last sanctuaries on Earth. We should leave only footprints, so that the ones coming after us can still see how beautiful nature is.

To closely link these aspects meteorologist and geologist Christian Klepp created a website project that documents Nature's Beauty and at the same time enhances the understanding of Geoscience - the way our Earth system perpetually changes through the unimaginable eons of time.

Where Geoscience Meets Art


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