Update, lens has been sold.

Apologies for writing this in English, but my German is not that good and I do not trust Google Translate.

I am selling a Canon EF 400mm f/2,8 L IS II lens. Like new, bought it new in June 2018 and it has no signs of wear whatsoever. I am selling it because I am switching to another brand. Comes with the case, the strap and both caps. I am including a Lens Coat Real Tree lenscover, also like new, and a Lenscoat neoprene hoodie in black.

I'd be willing to sell the 1,4x and 2.0x extenders (both version III) with it.

Looking for EUR 7.500 for the lens. Extenders go at EUR 350 each, both like new and with Leanscoat Realtree covers. Setprice for all three items EUR 8.000.

Willing to ship the items, but I live close to the German border, and a personal sale is preferred. For questions, pictures of the lens or a decent offer, please PM.

Marijn Heuts